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Commercial Design

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We provide a commercial interior design services for offices Workstations, retail-shops, stores, institutions & malls, design for restaurants etc... etc...

Our commercial design services include:

Concept development
Design plan
The budget guidelines
Bid specifications
Color and material selection (accessories, furniture, office interior lighting, colors, art work etc.)
Budget requirements and evaluation of bids from construction contractors
Decorating & Installation
Construction, purchasing, supervision and coordination of your entire design project

Office Design

If your office design has  a number of years, you need decide that it is time to refresh the look of your design office and the look of the company, you need commercial interior design ideas to make the look of the company more current. We are specialized to help clients achieve the look and feel that they desire in their office spaces, even if each office space needs to have something different in it. New office design is your company rebranding, is your news clients for your services.  We use modern office design ideas, quality materials, and modern office furniture, to reflect your business.

Store & Shops Design

We do design interior for your store or shop for create a nice atmosphere, and create irresistible visual merchandising displays. We design store floor plans and other retail store details. We select store fixtures, and we use special lighting techniques to do accent your products.

Restaurants Interior Design

We create a nice ambience for restaurants becouse we want that your customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals.

We create a design that is balance between a welcoming ambience and maximum seating capacity. Also, we design all technical stuff, ventilation, conditioning, tables, every room from entry to restaurants restroom and illumination spots.

Successful People love working and enjoed in spaces designed by Design-Interior Moldova!

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