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Interior Design, 2D Rendering Projects

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Proiectare 2D

The first phase of interior design process, starting with 2D rendering design project, from two dimensional axes. This stage of the interior design development is very important, because here, our designers create well-thought architectural concept, who is the key for all other processes for interior design and interior finishes.
If the concept is successful from the start, then surely as the other stages of design will be as expected.

What does 2D, dimensional?

At this stage, we decide together how it will show 2D dimensional plan of your house. We will develop 2D space for two axes, we will decide delimitation dimensional of partitions, entrances and last but not least, set furniture. It should be noted that we can't change the structure of building resistance. The changing the load-bearing walls can only occur if you have a technical expertise for this. Along with furniture placement in 2D, dimensional, you can decide how will be in the future your room, numbers electrical plugs, switches, lamps lighting, etc.. etc.. During the 2D design, you shape every detail in part, and each change will be done in coordination with you, so that our ideas will be like with your preferences. With the completion of the 2D dimensional, and its approval, you can move to the next stage interior design, namely the 3D design, dimensional.

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